a window into the Deerfield Doll house

a window into the Deerfield Doll house
they wore tatter'd silke dresses & no shoes on their feet

Thursday, February 14, 2008

with love, your secret admirer

The continuous scratching of a quill pen on paper has been coming from the keeping room all morning.
I look in to see Mr. Jefferson, head bent over the sheet of paper on the little table in front of him.
He looks up, thoughtfully tapping the feather tip of the quill against his chin. His spectacles perched on his nose, he pushes them back up and then, head bent, the scratching begins again.
Catching a glimpse of the letter over his shoulder, I could see that he has very lovely handwriting.
I smile at how the black silk ribbon tying his hair back seems to always be freshly washed and ironed.
Indeed, he is such a fine gentleman.

The ladyes are occupied in another corner of the doll's house. They have brought their paper cuttings, watercolors & sewing baskets to the sunny window.
Each are busy in their own little worlds, trying their best to keep their endeavors secret from one another.
Cutting and folding bits of carefully saved papers into woven hearts for heart in hand valentines with hand written messages and tokens of friendship for one another~
and (I suspect) for Mr. Jefferson as well.

I've noticed that a certain auburn haired ladye has been secretly gazing at Mr. Jefferson at every opportunity.
Now, I wonder what is she quietly scratching away at with her quill in hand?


Katie said...

Oh! I am just so excited about these stories - that Mr. Jefferson...he is so mannerly. I would love to see how they handle the big quills...or do they have little quills to write with? What a happy business to see them all making their little valentine surprises!

Christine said...

Dear Katie,
Thank you for your wonderful letter.
In answer to your query, wouldn't you know, Mr. Jefferson- of course-has made his own little writing implements.
He has a lovely turkey feather quill that is just his size.

The ladyes were making do with my quill made from an owl feather.
Seeing this, Mr. Jefferson has been busy gathering smaller feathers from around the farm and, with his pen knife, is fashioning them into lovely quills for each of the ladyes.

What would we do without our dear Mr. Jefferson?

Katie said...

oh! and aha! I presume these smaller feathers are from your little banty hens? What a sweet surprise for your ladyes!

Wendy said...



Dearest Christine

Please make these stories


Always Wendy :)

CARole said...

I have always told you how I love your writings, and this is just so charming. Can't wait to read more!