a window into the Deerfield Doll house

a window into the Deerfield Doll house
they wore tatter'd silke dresses & no shoes on their feet

Thursday, June 19, 2008

news of our dear Mr. Jefferson

my little banty hen,Tasha and her 2 wee chicks,
they as big as a large spool of thread
~Deerfield Farmhouse News ~

The Ladyes of Deerfield have been very busy this beautiful early summer
here on Deerfield Farm.

Taking care of the gardens,the hens & new chicks, a new little milk cow, Maisy,
weeding the mint fields,
and polishing up the Dolls House from top to bottom in anticipation of....

oh! have you heard the news?!

A large wax sealed envelope arrived in this weeks mail
along with the much awaited and much anticipated
~I'll tell you more about that soon~
It was, indeed, a large letter
with the unmistakable elegant handwriting
of our Dear Mr Jefferson.

He has written to let the ladyes know that he will soon be arriving home to Deerfield Farm.

He is bringing with him burlap wrapped fruit trees, a large rosemary topiary and a bay tree,

a new copper pot for making preserves,
several boxes of fresh sweet cherries and asparagus,
the promised new hive of honey bees
and he written to say
that he would also be bringing home

a guest!

oh my!! Who can it be?
Mother, Emily & Augusta, Elizabeth and the Titian-haired
ladye are giddy with excitment...

all but Lydia who
~I'm sorry to say~is sitting on the hall stairs -in what is now called"time-out".

Mother has put her there and told her to think about her actions
and how injurious they are to her very soul.
Lydia is singing a made up song at the top of her lungs...louder and louder.

"oh, bother", exclaims Augusta.
"Why can't Lydia behave herself for just one minute?
We're in need of her help and here we all are scurrying about with that racket
going on. I do think she gets into trouble to keep from having to help!

We still need to finish bringing the hay into the barn from the field!"

Emily, always very calm in any situation, tells her that their kind neighbor,

Mr. Hogmire, has most generously offered to help with the hay
after he finished his chores.

Mother has now gone to the stairs and the singing has stopped...
and a great sigh of relief arises from the kitchen...


There is much to do in getting the house ready as well as the everyday chores done
and now the much anticipated returnof our Dear Mr. Jefferson and his Guest.

The busy-ness of farm life & the giddy-ness with the Return of Mr. Jefferson's & his guest is taking up so much of the Deerfield Ladyes' time

Thank you my friends,

I hope that you are all enjoying a most wonderful Earlie Summer

yours on this day,



sharong said...

Dear Christine,

One hopes Mr. Jefferson also brings his lovely Indian Blood peach and Hayes Crab apple trees. We have them in our garden and they are lovely. Living an hour south of Monticello is wonderful. Sharon

CARole said...

I finally have time to relax and enjoy reading about Mr. Jefferson. He is certainly bringing lots of wonderful things, espeically the bay tree. Tasha is a dear, and that little baby, oh my, the size of a spool! Have you held one? I am thinking you named the mommy after Tasha Tudor. Her passing was sad. I am sure she will be missed many so many. I loved reading about what is going on at the farm, and I laughed when I pictured Lydia sitting on the steps, singing to the top of her lungs. She is a hoot.

Katie said...

Well written and SOOO funny. I was laughing outloud about our crazy Lydia. Good thing Mother is around. oh, it was lovely to hear of Mr. Jefferson again!

Mrs. Staggs said...

Oh my! Mr. Jefferson is bring a guest! I can just imagine the preparations such exciting news has created about Deerfield Farmhouse in these early days of summer. Such lovely gifts he brings with him!
Dear Lydia; Thank goodness for her, and those like her. Her lively spirit and imagination can at times be a bit tiresome when they lead to mischief, but I imagine she has brought much delight and adventure to those around her, as well. Indeed, Dear Lydia thinks outside of the conventional wisdom, and that leads to the most wonderous of things at times!

I bid you a very good day, Dear Christine Crocker.

P.S. Tasha and her babies are a lovely and charming sight. Oh what a gift you've given with your lovely pictures and stories. Thank you.

Sandra Evertson said...

How Lucky you are to have those sweet little chicks!
Have a wonderful 4th of July!
Sandra Evertson

Gayle said...

Dear Christe'
I am so waiting to hear more of that Mr. Jefferson. Is he in need of a wyfe?

Also I think Lydia may be suffering from ADD....




I adore these chicks! Lovely!

~ Gabriela ~

Castle in the Air said...

This is divine!
Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

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