a window into the Deerfield Doll house

a window into the Deerfield Doll house
they wore tatter'd silke dresses & no shoes on their feet

Friday, April 25, 2008

delightful diversions & news of our dear Mr Jefferson

Dearest Readers,
our dear Mr. Jefferson has been away to his farm in Virginia
taking care of his business affairs
and the early spring planting of his fields.
While we wait for him to return, there is much to do now that
our farm is dressed in her best pale green gown of spring.


Dear Mr. Jefferson has promised to bring us a hive of
his own bees for our gardens here.

He built a little house just for the bees & their bee skep
before he left for Virginia.
Soon they'll be dancing from flower to flower


there'll be honey for our biscuits on

cold winter mornings.

Meanwhile, the Deerfield Ladyes busy themselves with spring cleaning of the Doll House,

washing up every tiny cup & dish in the cupboards,

polishing the silver

and making things shine.

Augusta and Emily have been painting a lovely

mural on the wall up the narrow stairs


tending the gardens and hens.

All the ladyes have been stitching

their new gowns for the Sweet Springe Celebration

and....as I understand...

the secret and late night reading of risqué novels

by candle light!

Wherever did they acquire those?

I have no idea!

with love
on this day,


Dixie Redmond said...

How beautiful. I love the mural!

Katie said...

hahaha! Risque' novels!? I can't imagine...those sneaky Ladyes.

CARole said...

Dear Christe', I just finished reading about Mr. Jefferson and the ladies, those naughty ladies! I adore the enclosure for the bee skep. Your photos are just gorgeous and I always enjoy reading what is happening at Deerfield Farm. Just delightful!!
Love, Carole

Kingfisher Farm said...

Oh my what were they doing? Pagans??? lol. Pam

Becky said...

These Ladyes are quite spirted, aren't they.
And my goodness, what talants Augusta and Emily do poses. How splended.


Cassandra said...

Hello! I read about your blog in Artful Blogging, and I must say, it's delightful! I can't wait to read more doll happenings. And the little note you received from Queen Anne about Lydia having a paintbrush in her mouth makes me laugh everytime I read it!

Cheers :D

Pat said...

All the preparations......what excitement! Not to mention reading novels by candlelight...how delicious! Pat at birdnestontheground

Miss.Maddie's said...

I have goosebumps.
Pray tell have the bees begun to buzz around that beautiful skip seeking to make it home?
And the ladyes by candlelight, most endearing.
xo Susan